Ethics After Christendom

Ethics After Christendom proposes that the special moral challenge facing churches in post-Christian societies is to center Christian ethics ecclesially while also keeping ti both evangelical and catholic. Siding with the diagnosis that North America Christendom has drawn to an end, Given guroian provides an alysis of the present cultural context in which Christian ethics must now be done, discusses the role of churches after Christendom, and show -- through the application of ecclesial ethics to family, medicine, and ecology -- how liturgy inriches and deepens the Christian ethical vision.

"Vigen Guroian advances and expands his theological and ethical thought in this volume. Ethics after Christendom is an extremely significant contribution to Orthodox ethical thought. Essential reading."

Stanley Harakas
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

"Drawing on liturgy, theology, and history, Vigen guroian offers a vision of Christian life deeply influenced by the experience of Orthodox Christians. Even those less pessimistic than he about the place of the church in our public life will profit from these readable, provocative essays on church and culture."

Gilbert Meilaender
Oberlin College

"Some will doubt whether our post-Constantinian era can ignore public theology, since sectarian pieties and ethnic religiosities are as tempted to idolatry as cosmopolitan theologies. but Vigen guroian is correct that the renewal of an ecclesial faith and ethic is necessary if souls and civilizations are not to be damaged by the destruction of family and ecological life. Here, his Eastern Orthodox sensibilities meet Western Anabaptist suspicions of modern secularism in a quest for a renewed spirituality."

Max. L. Stackhouse
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