Incarnate Love

"Not for many years have I read a more invigorating book. We who came first to North America are enduring the hard death of the Constantinian god in an increasingly secular age. Comes now a voice from our latest of immigrant churches -- the Orthodox -- often violently uprooted from their cultural habitats and dumped on these shores.

Does this account for Vigen Guroian's rare discernment? A layman fully educated in American colleges and universities, his heritage is the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. he addresses to transplanted Orthodoxy a theological ethic that is vital, catholic, sacramental, and liturgical. Read him on marriage, for example, and on social ethics as simply the very being of the church. He asks of the Orthodox: Can these bones live again? The rest of us are compelled to pose a different question: Can there happen in North America an eventful intellectual, ecclesial, and moral encounter with Orthodoxy?"

Paul Ramsey
Professor of Religion Emeritus, Princeton University

"Incarnate Love is extraordinarily well-conceived. Vigen Guroian is able to show how the Orthodox account of worship transforms the way ethics is understood, opening new perspectives in theological ethics in general. His essays on marriage and the place of Orthodoxy in America are perceptive and original. This book with be of interest not only to the Orthodox, but to theologicall informed readers in Protestant and Catholic communities, and in particular to students of Christian ethics."

Stanley Hauerwas
Professor of Theological Ethics, The Divinity School, Duke University

"Guroian's is a welcome, competent voice in Orthodox ethical discussion in America."

Stanley S. Harakas
Archbishop Iakovos Professor of Orthodox Theology, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology  © Vigen Guroian 1999-2013